It’s an upcycling revolution

Opportunities arise in Cannington for all ages at the new Thrift Hub where they’ve introduced an upcycling revolution.

“It’s more than just a thrift store,” says Kim Bouwmeester, Coordinator at the Thrift Hub.

The Thrift Hub opened in early March and isn’t an average thrift store. Thrift Hub is unique because it’s a social enterprise thrift store meaning people, planet, profit, but Bouwmeester says the store prefers to call it “people, planet and potential”.

Inside the thrift store customers can find housewares, consignment paintings, antiques, toys and games, classic records, collectibles and much more.

There is something for everyone at the Thrift Hub. They sell the notion of upcycling or creative reuse and keeping items out of the landfill by turning them into something of greater value. Bouwmeester says the Thrift Hub works as a “circular economy”, things are coming in and going back out.

Not only does the Thrift Hub promote upcycle to customers, they help out in the community by providing opportunities for community service or CO-OP placements. Everyone is welcome to help and there are no restrictions, says Bouwmeester.

The store rents out prom and graduation dresses for students who can’t afford to buy a dress. Opportunities to rent and return are available at the Thrift Hub. Customers can borrow glass sets for weddings, showers and other big events for the day having the items available to use once rather than purchasing something that might not ever get used again.

Bouwmeester says people will benefit from the Thrift Hub being in town because people will have a place to take their stuff when they want to downsize or clean. They have also helped many people in the community by providing volunteer and work opportunities.For the future Bouwmeester says, the Thrift Hub will expand approximately 4500 square feet and offer workshops for stained glass, upholstery and rug making out of older materials. The Thrift Hub has a lot of antique frames available for people to redesign, says Bouwmeester who calls it, a “new frame of mind” because it uses upcycling.

The Thrift Hub’s mission is to offer affordable items as well as utilize the upcycling revolution to help create training, experience and employment in the community.

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