The bee population needs our help


Each year there is a decrease in bees and it may go unnoticed by most. Some may look at that as a good thing but honey bees don’t sting people, wasps and hornets do. Bees are great benefits to humans for various reasons.

Pollination is important because it helps flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables reproduce. Bees are pollinators and do this by moving pollen from one flower to another helping fertilize the plant. If plants aren’t fertilized they wont be able to reproduce which could eventually become a threat to people.

The decline in bee population has been noticed by farmers since 2006. Major reasons behind the loss of bees are the use of pesticides and loss of habitat. According to David Suzuki, the yellow-banded bumblebee and rusty-tinged bumblebee are two bee populations known to be declining in Canada out of 800 native bees.

People can help bees repopulate by planting their own fruits and vegetables as well as planting flowers says bee keeper, Ian Critchell he adds, encouraging your local city council to push forward in action against pesticides being used helps to. Critchell has wrote into the Bee Association of Canada as well as the township in hopes of some sort of change.

Ian Critchell at his farm in Havelock, Ontario. (2016)

Critchell has been beekeeping for 35 years and now farms in Havelock, Ontario. It was just ten years ago he realized the sudden decline in the bee population. Systemic pesticides are the most harmful for the honeybees he says. He has farmed bees at locations that both use pesticides and do not.

“I’ve watched my bees get sprayed with poison, but what can you do?” he says, “you pick up your bees and move them away”.

Just one trip averaged an hour long one bee could pollinate about 1500 flowers Critchell says.

Honey has many uses. It can be an alternate sweetener or be used in vet clinics to help speed up the growth of cells from being used in band aids. Keeping a strong population of bees is necessary and Critchell says, with bees having a short life span of a few months, focusing on the young is most important.

The actions people take in the next few years will affect the bee population and make a great difference according to Suzuki.





Best Under 40


Job title: Canadian Actress

Why she’s a 2016 Top 40: Jordan Todosey is a Top 40 because she proves that no matter where you’re born you can make your dreams come true and aspire for more. Todosey has made her appearance on many home TVs on popular Canadian shows.

 Video Interview with Jordan

As a young girl Jordan Todosey loved acting out different scenarios she saw on TV. She pretended to be the people in movies and the animals around her home. The love for pretending bloomed early for her when her mom began putting her in commercials, her first for Tropicana orange juice.

Todosey is 21 and though it seems like she’s achieved her dreams to be on TV she still has a lot to look forward to. At the age of eight Todosey appeared on a popular Family Channel TV show Life with Derek.  Nothing has stopped the Oshawa born and raised actress staying true to her passion for performing in front of a camera.

Todosey says once she realized she could make a living out of pretending to be someone else she knew that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

She has earned a Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children’s Youth Program/Series for her role as Adam Torres, the first transgender character in Degrassi. Todosey has also won a Golden Sheaf Award for Best Female Performance in the movie Santa Baby.

Growing up with the love to act created challenges in Todosey’s life as a child. Teachers weren’t able to understand why she wasn’t at Durham Christian Academy or why she was an eight-year-old with a job, she says.

“They didn’t give as much lenience as one would hope,” says Todosey.

But Todosey stuck to her plan and has managed to hit the TV screens of popular Canadian TV shows like Degrassi and Life with Derek. She has also starred alongside actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in The Pacifier for her first big role.

Todosey has never taken an acting class in her life but never gave up on achieving what she wanted to pursue in life.

“Since I first started auditioning all I heard were ‘no’s’, I got used to the ‘no’ before the ‘yes’s’ and it made the ‘yes’ much more exciting,” says Todosey.

She also says she takes away inspiration from a lot of people to help motivate herself as well as finding peace in yoga.

“It’s inspiring seeing my generation, people I went to school with doing the same kind of creative art pieces that I do,” she says.

Todosey says her breakthrough would be making it onto American TV shows and expanding her fame North American-wide.

Using your imagination to see the big picture


“Hold your breath, make a wish and count to three,” said the homework driven sister, Aimee played by Kristen Gerristen as she wished to have a great imagination like her twin.

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Rising grocery prices could start to affect students on campus

The Chronicle- Rising grocery prices

Director of Food Services for Aramark, John Kerr.

Canadians may be paying more for food this year – and that could mean students at Durham College and UOIT will have to dig deeper into their wallets to satisfy their stomachs. Meats, fruits and nuts are all expected to see the greatest increase in prices for 2016.

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