Rising grocery prices could start to affect students on campus

The Chronicle- Rising grocery prices

Director of Food Services for Aramark, John Kerr.

Canadians may be paying more for food this year – and that could mean students at Durham College and UOIT will have to dig deeper into their wallets to satisfy their stomachs. Meats, fruits and nuts are all expected to see the greatest increase in prices for 2016.

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iPhone 6S review

Apple launched its latest phone design the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus this year. Their tagline for the brand new phone is “the only thing that’s changed is everything.” But is that really true? The phone looks very similar to last year’s model, the iPhone 6. The only difference that truly stands out are new features and a few upgrades like the 3D Touch, improved Touch ID and a 12-megapixel camera. Apple also added a new colour to its line, rose gold.

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Celebrating 40 years of success

The Chronicle- Celebrating 40 years of success

Executive Director, Michelle Marshall shares the book that the Durham College journalism students helped create.

Success stories are meant to be shared. The journalism students at Durham College (DC) and the Participation House Project (PH) of Durham Region worked together to create a book to celebrate Participation House’s 40th anniversary and share the stories of the people they’ve helped.

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Big plans for the future of Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The Chronicle- Big Plans

The Campus Maser Plan shares their plans for the next few decades for the college and university.


There are big plans ahead for Durham College and UOIT. After two years of consultation and discussions Durham College (DC) and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) have completed their Campus Master Plan (CMP). There is so much to look forward to including new residence buildings, institution buildings, additional parking, walking trails, green space and more.

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Reduce stress

The Chronicle- Rising stress levels

As flu season approaches people are falling victim to stress and losing daily motivation because they’re overworked. Students are dropping out of programs because of the workload but that workload is possible to be controlled. “From time to time I felt stressed out trying to work on multiple projects at once,” says Sarah Brooks, recent graduate of Durham College’s Graphic Design. “If I knew I had plans or wanted to have free time, I would just make sure I had my stuff done or almost done early, in anticipation of doing social things.” Brooks admits there were a couple of late nights she stayed up to finish projects but says she procrastinated more than she should have.

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A smoothie that can help reduce heartburn

The Chronicle- Prevent heartburn

This uses some not so common smoothie flavours like cayenne pepper and ginger.
This uses some not so common smoothie flavours like cayenne pepper, lime and ginger.

Some foods we eat on a daily basis can cause us to feel sick and we may not even know it. Tomatoes, coffee, chocolate and even citrus fruit are all common triggers of heartburn.

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